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Bury College A-level Centre is a great place to study. We are an inclusive college community that will support you to achieve your full potential through an engaging, interesting and personalised study programme.

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A-Level Study Programme

The A-level study programme option will appeal

strongly to students who:

  • Have enjoyed academic teaching and learning in schools and are comfortable and successful with examinations as the main form of assessment.
  • Enjoy private study, researching topics, reading around subjects and can work independently.
  • Want to study traditional subjects such as Geography, History, Mathematics and English to a higher level.
  • Are interested in a career where, at present, A-levels are the preferred entry route e.g. Medicine, Veterinary Science, Law.
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An A-level study programme involves studying three (or in some cases four) subjects over two years (this is subject to achieving the entry requirements stated on page 20). The majority of these subjects are traditional A-levels, assessed through examination at the end of the second year.

Only a few of these subjects have a coursework based component. However, some subjects are more applied (Criminology, Financial Studies, Law, Applied Science, Engineering and Sport) meaning a higher vocational-based content and assessment process. As part of your A-level study programme, you may include one of these applied subjects to support your progression and career aim.

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Independent study

A-levels are challenging and to be successful you will need to be committed to the course, and have a keen interest in your chosen subjects. For each subject you will have five hours of timetabled lessons each week, with homework set and marked regularly. Throughout your study programme you will be supported in developing skills to ensure you can work independently. These skills will be developed within the curriculum and through the tutorial system. As well as group tutorials, you will have personalised sessions to discuss progression and receive careers guidance.

Introduction to Bury College

Preparing you for your future

A key focus is on helping you prepare for the next step, be that university, Higher Apprenticeship or employment. University and workplace visits, guest speakers, voluntary and work-related experience all enrich the and work-related experience all enrich the curriculum and help you make that vital “next step” decision. Whilst the majority of our A-level students progress to university, others follow career pathways to employment or Higher Apprenticeships.

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