Our employer partnerships help Bury College students gain first-hand experience and understanding of industry and the workplace. We are committed to the positive promotion of these partnerships, consolidating and growing the range of activities and creating valuable networks for employers, our students and Bury College staff.

Partner employers can support our Careers Programme with the following:

  • Guest speaker activities – provide an overview of your business and sector, providing the opportunity for students to ask questions and explore career pathways.
  • Deliver master classes – help connect students to the world of work by sharing your expertise and experience, broadening and deepening their knowledge and understanding of technical and employability skills.
  • Host workplace visits – invite a small group of students for a tour of your workplace to show them how the business works.
  • Attend careers events – attend one of our careers and apprenticeship fairs and other associated College events.
  • Employer-led project work – set students a project to complete to develop their knowledge and skills and also benefit your organisation. Employer projects can be carried out in College or at your workplace.
  • Employer mentoring – provide one of our students with the additional support and knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their future education and career.
  • Work placements – support students to gain meaningful work experience through a range of work placement options.

These activities provide the opportunity for employers to engage directly with our students, making an invaluable contribution to our Careers Programme.  Employer partnership activities engage, inspire and inform our students, giving them the insight into sectors, career pathways and occupations needed to make the right career decisions in the future.

To find out more about our employer partnerships contact the Work Experience Team on 0161 280 8430 or work.experience@burycollege.ac.uk