Coronavirus Factsheet: Students

We are delighted to welcome you to Bury College. Along with our teaching staff, the Safeguarding, Pastoral and ALS teams are also here to support you at College.

In order to ensure the safety of our College community, we need your cooperation and ask that you carefully read the following information.


By coming into College, you are agreeing to adhere to the instructions below at all times.

These measures are reviewed and updated regularly in line with the most up to date government guidance. All of these measures have been put in place to provide you with the best and safest educational experience whilst the coronavirus is in circulation in the wider community.

Travelling safely during the coronavirus outbreak

The link below takes you to the Government Advice on travel, some key points to note are below.

Public transport

It is the law that you wear a face covering if you are travelling on public transport. Plan ahead by identifying alternative routes and options in case of unexpected disruption.

If you can, travel at off-peak times.

On your journey

Some routes may be busier than usual due to social distancing measures or changes to previous timetables or schedules. Keep your distance from people outside your household. Public Health England recommends keeping a distance of 2 metres, where possible. The key thing is to not be too close to other people for more than a short amount of time, as much as you can.

Be aware of the surfaces you touch. Be careful not to touch your face. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow when coughing or sneezing.


Social distancing and good hand hygiene

As per well-documented, published advice from Public Health England and the Chief Medical Officer/Chief Scientific Officer, social distancing and good hand hygiene are critical in order for us to keep safe.

The college expectations around social distancing and behaviour are that you:

  • Maintain social distancing at all times.

Following the latest Local Authority guidance, from Monday 17th May students will still be required to wear face masks in all indoor areas of the college. This decision will be monitored and kept under review, and may be subject to change. If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, please email

  • Wear your Lanyard so that it is visible at all times to ensure the safety of all our staff and students. You will be issued with a coloured lanyard which represents the Zone in which you are permitted to be. Staff and Campus Ambassadors will remain vigilant and e that students adhere to the Zone rules.
  • Adhere to staggered starting and finishing times and recognise the need to queue responsibly in order to gain access to College buildings.
  • Move responsibly around the campus both inside and outside of College buildings – this includes the use of Market Street. There will be a ‘keep left’ system in place with floor markings, signage, and easily identifiable College personnel to support you with this.
  • Come to College for timetabled lessons only. You will need to go straight to class on entering College and leave the premises as soon as your lessons finish as directed by your teacher and other College staff.
  • Only enter classrooms when you as an individual are requested to do so. You will be instructed to sit at a specific desk that can be identified by the number marked upon it. We will start by filling the desks at the back of the room. You will be instructed to leave the classroom in exactly the same way albeit this time we will empty the classroom starting with the desks at the front. Please wait patiently for your turn at these times.
  • Respect the fact that classrooms and learning spaces have been reconfigured in order to maintain adequate social distancing and under no circumstances must you move any classroom furniture or enter the clearly-marked ‘staff safe zone’ of the classroom.


Here is a link to government guidance on face coverings.

Other important information

  • You must only use the toilets designated for student use.
  • You are permitted to use only the canteen facilities identified within your own Zone.
  • If you are only in attendance for ½ day you should eat lunch at home (unless you are entitled to free school meals).
  • You should go to your timetabled/designated room as soon as possible after arriving on site.
  • You should be leave college immediately at the end of their College day.
  • Well-considered access and egress arrangements are in place across each zone which includes the use of specific entry and exit points and keep left systems where appropriate.
  • You should not be in public areas unless travelling to and from lessons, using the canteen, visiting the toilet or travelling to and from the Learning Resource Centre or a prior appointment with the support teams.
  • Not smoke at college. The College will be a ‘non-smoking’ campus including the use of e-cigarettes. The smoking shelters will remain closed.
  • Bring your own water bottle, drinking fountains are closed
  • Bring your own paper, pens and stationery.


You are required to be hygienic by:

  • Using the waste bins at each of the entrances to dispose of temporary face coverings safely.
  • Using the hand sanitizer provided regularly when moving around college.
  • Cleaning your hands immediately with soap and water each time after visiting the bathroom.
  • Remembering the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ strategy. Cough and sneeze into tissue or (as a last resort) into your elbow if you have no tissue available. Used tissues should be binned responsibly. We will empty these bins regularly.
  • Not sharing pens and other equipment with anybody. Please bring your own fully-equipped pencil case and pad to write on.
  • Not spitting, chewing gum or hand shaking.
  • If you cannot attend College, you must report this using the absence reporting system Whilst we encourage students to attend all their classes, we understand that for a variety of reasons this may not be possible. Students will not be penalised for non-attendance.
  • You must not attend College if you or any member of your household have any symptoms related to CoViD-19. You must inform us of your absence and report to us of your symptoms immediately using the absence reporting procedures


Your conduct and behaviour are more important than ever:

In addition to the normal expectations we have with regards to conduct and behaviour, please note the following points:

  • Respect College staff and other students at all times.
  • Any behaviour which breaches social distancing is expressly forbidden.
  • Coughing and spitting deliberately on others is a criminal offence. People have died following these incidents and offenders have been jailed.
  • Do not litter. Litter could be a danger in itself, but we also need to support our cleaners who will be undertaking extra work to keep the College as safe as possible for us.
  • Other College policies in relation to student behaviour will apply and will explained fully to you at your face to face induction.
  • Staff will be vigilant in reiterating the Covid 19 measures that are in place to keep everyone safe and the college code of conduct. You must respond respectfully to all requests from staff who remind you about behaviours.

Finally, to get the best out of your learning experience:

  • Enjoy your college experience
  • Attend all your sessions and be on time
  • Engage in all aspects of your Study Programme
  • Try your best to develop your commitment, resilience, confidence and collaboration skills
  • Ask for help if you need it.


The College’s support teams and teachers will provide consistent reminders to students to support you in understanding the college measures and procedures.

By coming into College, you are agreeing to adhere to the above at all times.

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