“Thank you for your interest in the Travel and Tourism department! Whatever the status of your application, I hope the following information will help prepare you for future studies in Travel and Tourism, maybe even help you decide that Bury College University Centre is the place for you. The travel industry is booming, and we are so excited to help your career take off.”

Debbie Matthews - Assistant Curriculum Manager for Travel and Tourism

Prior to her teaching career, Debbie worked for major tour operators such as TUI, Thomas Cook, and Cosmos Holidays, and has 6 years’ experience of working overseas in 7 different destinations, including India, Africa, Spain, Greece and Turkey. Her industry experience includes roles such as Resort Representative, Airport Supervisor and Wedding Co-ordinator. Her qualifications include a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Philosophy from Kingston Upon Hull University, and a PGCE and Post Graduate Certificate in Leading Learning from Bolton University.


Why study at university at all?

For those still undecided about university study, the Travel and Tourism department have collected some ideas on how university benefits you:

  • Increase your earning potential and open up the career opportunities available to you
  • Those with university-level qualifications begin earning more straight out of education compared to those with a Level 3 qualification
  • There are both financial management and business skills embedded into the course, giving you the knowledge you need to move into managerial roles or start your own enterprise
  • Gain transferable skills for use in employment in all industries
  • Develop new friendships – the International Tourism Management course involves plenty of opportunities to get to know your classmates, including residential trips, work placements, and many more


Modules you will study             

The course has been designed with your future career in mind, opening up possibilities in leadership and management, and giving you the skills to succeed in these roles.

Topics you will study may include:

  • The Principles of the Global Tourism Industry – explore the links between national and international tourism industries
  • Management and Leadership for the Tourism Industry – tailored for management roles, allowing students to gain leadership skills and business management skills
  • Academic Management skills for the Tourism Industry – an overview of how to conduct university level research, how to record that research, and manage your assignments
  • Successful Management for Tourism – builds on previous modules on how to promote the industry and gain a competitive advantage
  • International Supply and Demand – learn how to ensure that your business is successful and that you are making a profit
  • Tourism Planning for the Future – study how the tourism industry manages crises, and how the tourism industry will develop in the future
  • Strategic Marketing – a key module for those interested in a graduate training scheme after they finish their course
  • Work Experience in the Travel and Tourism Industry – unlike most other universities, the work experience module is embedded into the 3-year degree programme


How you will be assessed

Typically, each module will include 2 assessments, spread out over the semester. The course includes a variety of different assessment methods, including seminars, written reports, exams and presentations.

There will only ever be one module assessed by an exam per semester, and some semesters will have no exams at all. The exam itself will only ever be worth 40% of the overall grade for that module, and are usually open-book, so you can take your notes in with you.


Discover a wide range of careers including:

  • Tourism management
  • Events management
  • Marketing and entertainment


Get in contact

Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about your course or the University Centre. We can also put you in contact with your course tutor for a chat. Please email victoria.rowcroft@burycollege.ac.uk with any queries.