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Bury College is proud to celebrate the success of its students and the Art department did just that at the 2017 Bury College Art exhibition.

Students studying a range of Art disciplines proudly showcased their finest pieces of Art during the highly proclaimed exhibition event. This was a unique opportunity for students to utilise the skills they have developed during the course of their diplomas in order to create an exceptional piece of work. This work was then exhibited to the families and friends of students as well as Bury College staff and students and the general public.

UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design student Ben Bryan, a former The Elton High School pupil said of the experience, “I have had great fun studying Art at Bury College and I have learnt lots of different things. I have especially enjoyed learning how to produce different types of graphics. During the exhibition event it was good to see the reactions of other people when they see your work.”

Aurelija Geistoraityte, who completed the Bury College UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, added, “The exhibition was scary but very exciting! I have received a lot of support from my tutors at Bury College who have all pushed me to go further.”

Earlier in the academic year, tutors at Bury College held their very own Staff Exhibition and proudly presented their pieces of art. Former Castlebrook High School pupil Stefan Misiaouli, who has recently completed the UAL Foundation Art and Design Degree, felt inspired having visited the exhibition. Stefan said, “I think the exhibition was a very diverse and expressive show. It gave me ideas on how to display my work when it comes to exhibiting my own projects. It was interesting to see that our tutors are also active artists and can display in a unique fashion.”

For more information about the range of Art courses at Bury College please call 0161 280 8280 or click here.

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