An apprenticeship is a real job where you learn, gain experience, and get paid. By the end of an apprenticeship, you'll have the right skills and knowledge needed for your chosen career.

As an apprentice with Bury College you will:

  • learn and train for a specific job
  • get paid and receive holiday leave
  • get hands-on experience in a real job
  • spend a minimum of 6 hours a week off-the-job to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours relevant to your apprenticeship standard.
  • complete assessments during and at the end of your apprenticeship
  • be on a career path with lots of future potential

Bury College apprenticeships are available in a wide range of dynamic sectors and have been developed by employers to ensure professional training and huge potential for career progression. 

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Hello, my name is Natasha Sultan. Welcome to Bury College. I am Head of Apprenticeships and would like to spend the next few minutes talking you through, what an apprenticeship is and what you can expect from Bury College. What is an apprenticeship? An apprenticeship is a paid job. Typically, our apprentices will work 37 hours a week. At the same time, you will work towards a qualification in your chosen specialism. All our apprentices are entitled to a minimum of 6 paid hours per week where they are off the job, completing work for their apprenticeship. Every apprentice will need to complete an end point assessment or EPA. As the name suggests this is an assessment that you complete at the end of your apprenticeship, this may be an observation, exam, interview or portfolio of work or a mix of those things. You may need to do maths and English exams if you do not achieve a 4-9 in these subjects for your GCSEs. Apprenticeships have undergone monumental government reform; they are more challenging but more credible than they ever have been. There is simply no better way to prove to employers that you have the skills they need. People that achieve apprenticeships are and will be in increasingly high demand. Every apprentice will have a dedicated learning and skills coach with extensive industry experience, providing you with exemplary support and training. Your LSC will look at you as an individual and will provide you with the bespoke support you need to thrive in your chosen field. Training is designed around everyone to help them be the best they can be. Bury College will only work with employers who are committed to our apprentices and their development. Many apprentices go on to achieve promotions and progress within their organisations. 

Stacey Kenyon – Mulberry Bush Employer
My name is Stacey Kenyon and I am the Senior Manager here at the Mulberry Bush Nursery Group. We work closely with Bury College and they meet all of our recruitment needs in terms of apprentices. So we find with our apprentices, mainly, they are eager to learn and it's not something they've done before but they are passionate about working with children so we're able to really kind of mould them into the type of Nursery Nurse that we would want them to be. We have around 40 learners, one in particular I would like to mention was a girl called Amiee who works at our Walmersly Nursery. She's been here for a couple of years now and she's been undertaking a level 2 & 3 qualification at Bury College. Wow! Amy when she came was a breath of fresh air. She did have past experience working in a different sector and you could tell that as you could see it in her confidence. Now she feels at home in her kind of sector, she's working with children and she's an absolute natural. 

Aimee Maciver – Mulberry Bush Apprentice
My name is Aimee Maciver and I am a former pupil of Derby High School and I've been working at Mulberry Bush now since the 20th May 2018 and I'm coming up to my fifth year.  I think the best thing about an apprenticeship is that you're always in the setting, you've always got a lot of people who are in a similar situation to you, you've got others to rely on and you're getting the experience there as well, as opposed to being at college and doing coursework full-time. You're hands-on with the children and you're able to get that experience, it's hands-on and it's really rewarding. My advice would be to students thinking of being an apprentice would be... go for it! I think that being able to get paid while you are learning and having hands-on experience in a childcare setting full-time is probably the best way to do it. 

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