Bury College is committed to making our platforms as accessible as possible and as part of the College’s commitment to Equality and Diversity care has been taken to ensure the overall site accessibility meets at least WCAG 2.0, WCAG 2.1 AA standards. In many cases these have been exceeded to meet WCAG 2.1 AAA requirements. 

Please note that we sometimes link to external content or use embedded widgets and these may not have been reviewed or evaluated for their accessibility.

Evaluations and reviews

As part of our accessibility evaluation and review process, manual testing has been performed and the following tools have also been used;

  • Google lighthouse
  • WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

Changing the user experience to the user’s requirement

Whilst we have made the site as usable and accessible as we can, some users may still have a more enhanced experience if they are also able to change the settings on their device, to suit their needs.

An example of this may be having text on the site spoken aloud, or fonts / colours replaced with a user’s custom or preferred font / colour.

For help with this customisation the following links may be helpful;

Limitations of this site's accessibility and known limitations

  • Some older PDF documents may not work correctly with screen readers
  • Videos don't have sign language interpreters but we have included subtitles for videos with spoken audio 
  • Videos do not have an audio description
  • Some elements use images with text for linking purposes. In these cases, the alternative text will be set to the text shown in the image

Let us know if you have difficulties

We are always looking to improve the accessibility of our site, so if you find anything on the site difficult to use or wish to provide us with feedback on what could be improved please let us know by emailing marketing@burycollege.ac.uk.

To help us understand the problem as quickly as we can, please tell us:

  • the web address or title of the page where you found a problem
  • what the problem is
  • what computer and software you use.
  • All constructive feedback about the accessibility or usability of our site is welcome and we endeavour to consider it fully.

Any new PDFs or Word documents we publish will be improved to meet accessibility standards as best as we can. Please contact us if you have difficulty with any of the documents on the site and we will work to provide you with the content in an alternative, more accessible format.

This statement was last updated February 2023.