Term Time 2020 - 2021

Term Time Date
College Closed (Staff Wellbeing Day) Friday 2nd October 2020
Virtual Open Evening (Online) Wednesday 7th October – Friday 27th November
Staff Development Day - College Closed Monday 19th October 2020
Half Term Monday 26th October - 30th October 2020
Scheduled Programme Commences Monday 2nd November 2020
Interviews Saturday 21st November 2020
Scheduled Programme Ends (Full day) Friday 18th December 2020
College Closed Monday 21st December 2020 - Thursday 24th December 2020
Bank Holiday Friday 25th December 2020
Bank Holiday Monday 28th December 2020
College Closed Tuesday 29th December 2020 - Thursday 31st December 2020
Bank Holiday Friday 1st January 2021
Scheduled Programme Commences Monday 4th January 2021
Half Term Monday 15th February - 19th February 2021
Scheduled Programme Ends Thursday 1st April 2021
Bank Holiday Friday 2nd April 2021
Easter Holiday Monday 5th April – 16th April 2021
Scheduled Programme Commences Monday 19th April 2021
Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May 2021
Bank Holiday Monday 31st May 2021
Half Term Monday 31st May – 4th June 2021
Scheduled Programme Ends Wednesday 23rd June 2021
Introductory Day Monday 21st June 2021
AS / A level Results day Thursday 19th August 2021
GCSE Results day Thursday 26th August 2021

Holidays should not be booked during term dates


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