Key Information

Catering is a fast paced and hazardous environment, you will need to ensure you are protected and hygienic at all times. Therefore Bury College links with a top provider of safety kitchen wear.

At enrolment you will be given guidance on how to purchase the right kit for your course. Student services may be able to give you advise on possible bursary, to help with kit costs. You can contact them directly on 0161 280 8421 or and they will also be available during enrolment to discuss. By accessing our on-line shop, you will be taken through our ordering system. Your kit will be personalised and sent to you usually within the first term.

For existing students, we also have a top up list available for you to order individual items. Students need to have all relevant kit and equipment within 6 weeks of the course starting.


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Level 1 & 2 Diplomas

Level 1 and 2 male or female uniform costs approximately £94.

Knife set costs approximately £63.00

Compulsory shoes costs approximately £30.00

Compulsory text book costs £30.00 for Level 1 and £35.00 for Level 2


Level 2 Certificate

Level male or female uniform costs approximately £93.

Compulsory text book costs £35.00


Level 3

Level 3 male or female uniform costs approximately £60.00.

Compulsory text book costs £35.00


How to purchase


Level 1 Ordering Form

Level 2 Diploma Ordering Form

Level 2 Certificate Ordering Form

Level 3 Ordering Form

Top-up Ordering Form


 Simply follow the instructions within the form to order your uniform.


Financial Support

In certain circumstances, the college can provide financial assistance for purchasing kit and/or equipment resources through the Financial Support Schemes – details of which are included in the enrolment pack.  If you have any further questions regarding the financial support available, please enquire with Student Services at enrolment.