Community Links at Bury College is specifically created to support adults with special educational needs and/or disabilities to access education.

The benefits of community learning to an individual’s personal development, self-esteem, family network, overall wellbeing and self-worth are widely recognised and encouraged.

We are dedicated to promoting equal opportunities and fostering a positive reputation for learning for disabled people.  All our programmes are designed to develop life skills, improve health, build confidence, encourage independence and improve self-esteem….and be fun!

Students are also encouraged to develop and maintain friendships and find out about other local networks or organisations that they may want to be involved in within their local area.

For more information please contact us on 0161 280 8280. 

"Going to college has given Carly (daughter) so much, helping her to grow in confidence and self-esteem.  With Carly being on the Autistic Spectrum, she can get overwhelmed very easily, but she feels safe at Bury college and with staff that understand her needs.

She finds the community courses fun without realising she is still learning, carrying on her education and gaining new skills.

For Carly, going to college means she has a peer group which we find difficult for her to have outside of college and she has a sense of purpose and she feels part of the community.

I would like to thank Bury College for providing these much-needed activities."

Karen Ryan

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