English and Maths qualifications are highly valued by employers and universities.

Gaining the essential skills and knowledge needed to operate confidently and effectively in everyday life and at work will help you progress to achieve your career goals.

During your time at Bury College, you will continue to develop your English and Maths skills embedded throughout your Study Programme. English will help with your communication skills and you will also develop technical and numerical skills which are transferable to higher education and your career.

If you have not yet achieved your Grade 4 in the new GCSE examinations or a Grade C in the old GCSE examinations, in either English and/or Maths, you will continue to study these subjects as part of your timetable to ensure that you have no barriers to your progression.

For some students you will continue with your GCSE studies to improve your grade(s). These programmes will not only build your confidence but also improve your independence and have been designed to help you succeed in life after college.

Some learners will need to study Functional Skills as a stepping stone to your GCSE studies. During your Functional Skills studies you will develop skills in reading, writing and communication as well as core mathematical skills. The level you work towards will depend on the previous qualifications that you have achieved.

To help you successfully complete your English and Maths qualifications you will be supported by experienced members of staff who will do all that they can to help you achieve your education goals, progress onto university and/or secure your dream career.