Mental Health and Wellbeing

Our dedicated staff are here to offer practical help and advice to students throughout their time at College. There are lots of support services available for students to access should they require additional mental health and wellbeing support.


Counselling and Wellbeing Team

At Bury College we have a dedicated Counselling and Wellbeing team. Our staff are on-hand to support students with issues such as stress, anxiety, personal relationships, gender identity as well as general health and wellbeing.

Kirsty McNally

Kirsty McNally

Mental Health and Wellbeing Advisor

Adele Williams

Adele Williams

College Counsellor

Jessica Marriott

Jessica Marriott

College Counsellor

Marc McMahon

Marc McMahon

Safeguarding and Prevent Manager

Hayley Naisbit - College Counsellor

Hayley Naisbitt

College Counsellor

Support available and how to access it

Our Counselling and Wellbeing team has plenty of resources to help our students manage and improve their overall mood and mental health. There are two main types of support available at Bury College. The first is our informal support provision:

  • Available as and when required, either through pre-booked appointments or via drop ins
  • To discuss low-level emotional difficulties that are having a negative impact on your wellbeing
  • Focused around setting goals/targets, and helping you put in place your own self-help strategies

Our specialised Counselling service is also available:

  • Focuses on more complex mental health difficulties
  • Explores your emotions and experiences in more depth
  • Led by you

Both of these services can be accessed via a self-referral on our internal systems, or by contacting our Counselling and Wellbeing Team directly. Support and advice is available on a one-to-one basis, through groupwork sessions and through weekly drop in sessions.

Our students are also able to access support from our Pastoral Team, Student Services, or our Autism Spectrum Coordinator. Our staff are also available to talk to you about various issues such as homelessness, equality, self-esteem, body image, social media, and beliefs. Our Counselling and Wellbeing team is also able to refer our students on to more specialised local or national support services.

To make a referral for our services please visit the college VLE.

Student 1: There’s so many ways you can access great support at Bury College. From advice and guidance to mental health and wellbeing, whatever your needs, we have the right support service for you.

Student 2: This is student services where there are a lot of advisers on-hand to help you. I can drop in anytime if I need help with travel, financial support or even careers advice.

Student 3: The Student Learning Mentors helped me when I was trying to find independent accommodation and really knew what financial support was available for me.  I found them really easy to talk to.

Student 4: This is the personalised learning centre. It’s a great area for students to access if they need supported study or receive one-to-one support.

The Additional Learning Support Team really helped my friend with his Education and Health Care plan and made sure he got all the support he was entitled to.

Student 3: The Safeguarding Team are here to support us with any safeguarding concerns whilst at college.

The teamwork with us to help keep the college and all the students safe.

Student 5:  There’s no need to struggle at Bury College, there’s always someone you can talk to.

The Mental Health Coordinator and the Councillors were great and supported me with my Mental Health. They gave me some great strategies to support my anxiety, which came in useful during my exams.

Student 6: There is a team of Pastoral Managers and a Pastoral Officer on campus who are here to support us and keep on the right track with our behaviour. Remember to wear your lanyard on campus. It’s important to keep us all safe. .

Student 7: As you can see you are well supported here at Bury College, and everybody in the college is always happy to help.

We look forward to working with you to secure a positive future.