As part of Parliament Week, colleges from across Greater Manchester collaborated to engage in discussion and debate about the key issues surrounding the UK and education in 2023. 

The event saw several Bury College A-level staff and students head to the Bridgewater Hall to watch and take part in the Greater Manchester Colleges Question Time event.

Zaki Musazai, one of those A-level students, was on the panel alongside Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham. Zaki, a former Kearsley Academy pupil, said: “It was great representing Bury College at this event. In the future, I’d like to work in politics, so this was a great experience. There was also some really interesting discussion around education, which is an area I'd like to focus on."

Christopher Stoker, Assistant Director for A-levels at Bury College, said: "This was such a great opportunity for our students to gain some valuable experience and get involved in some really important debates surrounding education and wider government policy. I am also proud of Zaki who was amazing as part of the panel."

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