Bury College Art and Design students recently used their artistic talents in a project with Bury Hospice and Landor UK.

Through a collaborative effort, these students crafted a fine art project for the Hospice where the aim of infusing creativity with purpose. Their resulting creation not only showcased their artistic prowess, but also emphasised their commitment to community engagement and social responsibility.

The students were praised for immersing themselves in the project, and they discovered how art can be used to uplift and inspire communities.

Sandrine Pilling, Lecturer in Art and Textiles at Bury College, said: “We are immensely proud of our students on Level 3 for showing dedication and passion in using their talents to make a difference. We worked in collaboration with Landor Phototex who printed the work on the specialist self-adhesive fabric with anti-microbial protective coatings. The students have not only created beautiful art but also left an indelible mark on the hearts and lives of those who will enjoy their artwork.”

Joanne Johnson, Volunteer Services Manager at Bury Hospice, was also full of praise for the students: “Following the success of last year’s mural at the Hospice we were excited to discuss what the project could be for this year.  When we discussed the possibility of allowing the students to design individual pieces of art for us to display in the patients’ bedrooms, it excited us all, and knowing that the Landor print paper had antimicrobial coating made it a perfect addition for the rooms where cleanliness and sterility are vitally important. The students toured the Hospice to try and give them some inspiration for producing their designs. The artwork the students created this year is great. It is eye-catching and has been done to a very high standard. We will be proud to display these in our patients’ bedrooms.”

Derric Landor, Managing Director at Landor, added: "I am deeply moved by the collaborative effort between our company and Bury College to enhance the environments at Bury Hospice through our print sponsorship of the artwork. By providing Phototex self-adhesive fabric and our anti-microbial protective coatings applied to the prints, we have not only supported the artistic development of students but also contributed to creating uplifting spaces for the patients at Bury Hospice. It's a testament to the power of shared resources and community partnership in making a meaningful difference."

Bury College Art student at Bury Hospice
Goergina Art student at Bury Hospice