The 6th of March marked the start of National Careers Week, a campaign that allowed us to celebrate former students who have gone on to achieve great things in their careers.

Our Sports courses help students develop the practical and theoretical skills needed for employment in the exciting and diverse sports and fitness industry.

James Whittles is now the Director of a Sports Coaching business called SportsCool Bury. The former Hazel Wood High School pupil believes the course definitely prepared him for life in the sport and coaching industry. He said: “I find it so much fun working in the sports industry and helping develop the skills of the children in the community. I also take pride in offering several different opportunities for children to get involved in sports whether that be through schoolwork or work in the community. I really enjoyed my time at Bury College as it gave me a start in the sports sector and gave me a better understanding of what I wanted to do, which was to become a sports coach. Not only did the course teach me the academic side of sports but also gave me a chance to develop my practical side which has ultimately led to me being in the position I am.”

Jack Schofield completed his Childcare course last year and is now working at Leverhulme Primary School whilst continuing his education at Bury College University Centre. The former Kearsley Academy pupil said: “The Childcare course offered at Bury College was such an enriching and supportive experience, from the classroom learning to the placement opportunities. I developed a range of transferable professional skills that I use every day within my role.”

Our Travel and Tourism department has also produced some exceptional employees across that industry. 

Nathan Gorge is now Entertainment Host with Cunard Cruises and believes the College gave him great insight into the industry. He said: “Completing the course at Bury College did not only give me a wider and deeper understanding of the Travel and Tourism industry but also enabled me to appreciate the specific needs of a variety of customer types. This allows me to deliver the unforgettable White Star service which Cunard is known for.”

Sophie Mills-Jones is also a former Travel and Tourism student. She is now working as a member of the Cabin Crew for TUI. When talking about the course, she spoke about the many benefits it provided. She added: “Not only did it improve my knowledge of the industry, but the lesson activities we covered during the course also made me a lot more confident in areas such as public speaking.” 

Performing Arts students have been given the perfect grounding to thrive on stage and screen during their course. We recently caught up with one of those students and he believed it gave him a platform to thrive as a performer. Watch that by clicking here.

If you’re a former student and want to share your success and progress with us, please email Someone will get in touch so we can celebrate your success.

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