Two Carpentry and Joinery students have successfully moved one step closer to their goals, securing places at the University of Bristol to study Construction Project Management. Andrew Butterworth and Liam Whittle have been friends since they were students at The Elton High School, and have progressed together from Level 1 Carpentry and Joinery at Bury College, all the way through to Level 3. They are both very excited to experience life in a new city, and intend to live together at University, where they hope to gain the skills needed to realise their ambitions of becoming Site Managers.

Liam, who has been living independently throughout his time at college, feels he has been prepared for his future by the support and expertise of his tutors. He said, “I gain motivation from my tutors, and get along really well with them.” He also added “I have developed so many technical skills on my course which have helped me perfect my craft.”. He has particularly progressed in his machine skills and his knowledge of Health and Safety, but his favourite element of the course was being able to start on a project and see it through to the end. Along with his classmates, Liam contributed to the handcrafting of a new sleigh for the Radcliffe Rotary Club, as seen in The Bury Times. The project took two months, and allowed the Rotary Club’s Christmas rounds to go ahead.

Andrew said that his experience at college has helped him with his communication skills. The support he has received with his English and Maths, as part of his Education and Health Care Plan, has also helped develop his academic skills in preparation for university. He added, “My tutors have really helped me be resilient and not give up.” Andrew shared that in his first year at Bury College, he struggled learning some of the technical skills, such as using power tools, but with consistent support from his classmates and teachers, and the opportunity for lots of practice, he was able to persevere and has now mastered the skill.

The Bury College Carpentry and Joinery courses combine the practical and theoretical learning needed to prepare for further study or a career in construction.