A Bury College Foundation Studies student has begun his career with local comic and gaming café Geek Retreat, after impressing his colleagues on his Supported Internship course.

Foundation Studies programmes offer students with additional educational needs the opportunity to develop skills for a successful working life or independent living. Kieron Wosser, 20, joined the department in 2018 on a Steps to Work programme.

Kieron worked incredibly hard to develop, especially in his English and Maths. In spring 2021, the former Bury Church of England High School student was thrilled to be offered a Supported Internship with Geek Retreat, which gave him an opportunity to gain work experience while still at college. Kieron has since completed his studies, and has been enjoying working at the café for the past few months.

The Geek Retreat offers fun activities for the local community, including Dungeons and Dragons sessions, Yu-Gi-Oh classes, parent and child coffee mornings, and Pokemon games. Kieron, as a lover of Yu-Gi-Oh and Dungeons and Dragons in particular, jumped at the chance to work in the café. His role includes making food and drinks, serving customers, and running some of the Yu-Gi-Oh sessions. 

Kieron says his favourite part of the job is talking to customers. He adds, “The job has really improved my confidence. I’m also more organised, and my teamwork skills have improved.”

Kieron, an avid gamer himself, says his dream job would be voice-acting for video games, but that he is really happy where he is for now, and wants to continue to build his skills with Geek Retreat.

Thomas Stebbings, the manager of the café, says “Kieron has really grown throughout the job, he’s much more confident when interacting with customers. He’s got initiative, he will just get stuff done. Hiring Kieron through the Supported Internship was a good opportunity, as it meant we got to see him in action, rather than in an interview setting. He opened up a bit more than he might have, and wasn’t as shy or nervous.”

Kieron has recently accompanied Tom on a business trip to meet representatives from Yu-Gi-oh, learning about upcoming developments and updates. This was Kieron’s first business trip, and is an opportunity for him to put his new skills into practice.