Students from our Moving On, Lifewise, Life Challenge and Community Volunteering were recently celebrated for their hard work and dedication after volunteering for East Lancashire Railway over the Christmas period. 

Lorna Kelly and Mike Moore from the East Lancashire Railway team then visited Bury College to present the students with a certificate. Both were full of praise for everyone involved. 

They also spoke about the history of the organisation and further opportunities that the students could get involved with. 

Lorna said: “The students from The Foundation Studies group at Bury College are a wonderful addition to our hard-working Volunteers at East Lancashire Railway. From September each year, they work tirelessly in packing over 15,000 presents for our families that attend our Santa Special event. We couldn’t be more grateful for their assistance and we very much look forward to working with them again for our 2023 season.”

The various event managers at East Lancashire Railway also gave us great additional feedback: 

 “The support the Bury Collage students provide is amazing – we simply wouldn’t get through the magnitude of the job without them”.

“All the Bury College students are a joy to be around, I’m always in awe of their teamwork and how quickly they get the job done”.

“We couldn’t be more thankful for the help of each Bury Collage student that assist us in packing the children’s presents, they play a vital role in us delivering such a huge event”.

Our Foundation Studies programmes offer opportunities for students with additional educational needs to develop skills for a successful working life or independent living.