Bury College Performing Arts students have recently been showcasing their talents as part of their production of SpongeBob SquarePants.

This end-of-year show offers not only a fantastic opportunity for the students to gain experience performing in front of a crowd but also allows members of the local community to enjoy some live theatre.

Among those in attendance were staff and students from King’s Leadership Academy in Bolton. They were all full of praise.

Claire Brook, Head of Creative at King’s Leadership Academy, said: “I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to come and watch SpongeBob. It was outstanding. I was so impressed by everything, the acting, costumes, singing, choreography, sound, lighting. The whole show, from start to finish, was excellent. My pupils loved it and it has really inspired them all. They were all so grateful for the opportunity. For many, it was their first-ever experience of live theatre!”

The pupils from the school also gave us some amazing feedback.

Aya Ismail, Year 7, said: “The performance was excellent. I can't even think of a single thing that can be improved. I can't wait to do my production of Puss in Boots in school because now I can see that I need to work on my spacing and my accent because SpongeBob and the others did it so well.”

Chahd Hormal, also in Year 7, said: “My favourite part was when they were all in character, even during the interval and that they played the characters so well with their accents and gestures.”

Nadia Komoda, Year 8, added: “The show was brilliant. The acting was outstanding, I couldn't believe they were only at college and not professional.”