Lecturers from the University of Salford came to Bury College to visit our science students and discuss some of the interesting options available to them at the university.

Students also gained insights into potential degree courses and the career pathways these can lead to, they then took part in some fascinating masterclasses across the three science subjects.

The Biomedical Science and Human Biology with infectious disease session had students using microscopes to look at blood morphology, counting abnormal white blood cells in blood samples, to help diagnose illness and disease. 

In the Biology session, students learnt about parasites, observing specimens down a digital microscope and learning about the diseases they can cause.

The Chemistry session saw students completing toxicology modelling on computers and learnt about chirality and isomerism.

Finally, in the Physics session, students had demonstrations of solar and hydrogen fuel cells, learning how they work and help with the future of energy.

Denise Ashworth, Head of A-level Maths and Science at Bury College, said: “A huge thank to the University of Salford for speaking with our students. It is clear they got a lot out of the sessions, and it has certainly given them something to think about as they start to look towards their future studies and careers.”

Tahmina Hussain, Lecturer in Biomedical Science and HCPC Registered Specialist Biomedical Scientist-Haematology and Transfusion at the University of Salford, said: “It was a pleasure speaking to the students about our Biomedicine programme. Not many are aware of the important role we play in the profession and within healthcare. The students had the opportunity to take part in a blood morphology activity where they identified the different types of white blood cells and learned about how we use microscopy in clinical diagnostics and the Pathology laboratory.”

We love it when industry experts come in and inspire our students. If this is something that you'd like to get involved with, please email information@burycollege.ac.uk for more information.