With the academic year coming to an end, Bury College Step Up to Prospects learners have been reflecting on another successful year.

As part of their end of year celebrations, staff and students held a graduation party where they were all congratulated on their efforts by Director of Personal Development Sarah Walton.

Several students were also commended for hard work, resilience, and achievement.

One such example was Haroun Naseer. Haroun is a student who had to undertake a challenging journey to reach the United Kingdom and spoke very little English. He has now gained an E3 Qualification and has accepted a place on the L1 Painting and Decorating programme.

Other students were celebrated for their academic development and some for being particularly friendly and welcoming. Just a few months ago, the class welcomed new students from Ukraine, and they have fitted in seamlessly.

Meenaz Mukhtar, Assistant Curriculum Manager for Foundation Studies at Bury College, said: “Yet again, we have had another successful year on the Step Up to Prospects programme.  We have had a range of students from Africa to Ukraine.  All have engaged with college life positively and embraced diversity. We have created a lovely family unit within the group where all students have shown each other hope and compassion. We have had fun and tears along the way, but ultimately all have left with smiles on their faces, with a positive destination waiting for them! We are looking forward to September 2022.“

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