The White Ribbon Campaign has given Bury College staff and students the platform to talk in an open manner about domestic violence.

The aim of the campaign was to help change long-established, and harmful, attitudes, systems and behaviours around masculinity that perpetuate gender inequality and male violence against women.

Throughout the campaign, there was a range of activities helping to raise awareness about this important issue. This included a football match between Bury College and a team representing Bury Council. Bury College triumphed in this with a thrilling 9-8 victory. There were also stalls across the campus where students pledged to stand against male violence towards women.

Marc McMahon, Safeguarding Manager at Bury College, added: "This is such an important cause, so it was great seeing so many staff and students getting involved. I want to thank everyone who has participated in any of the activities. The impact they've had and the awareness raised will be huge. Jane Almond, the Domestic Violence Caseworker for Bury Council, also deserves a special mention. This whole campaign has strengthened our partnership and relationship with the council.”

A group of staff and students also recorded an important message on camera. You can watch that by clicking here.

To find out more information on the campaign and the important changes that they want to see, click here: