Music Students Enjoy Guest Lecture

A record producer with over 20 years’ experience visited the Music studios of Bury College to deliver an exclusive guest lecturer to a group of budding musicians.

Dr Mark Mynett, a recording-mixing-mastering engineer, author, and Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Production at the University of Huddersfield, visited the Music department to host a specialist lecture in ‘Rock Music Production’. The discussion aimed to inspire learners to pursue their careers in Music Technology through university progression.

Committed to offering progression advice to students, Bury College were delighted to welcome Dr Mynett to share his professional industry advice. With over 20 years’ experience in the metal genre, as both a musician and a producer, Dr Mynett has written numerous heavy-music production articles for leading magazines, including Sound on Sound and Guitar World; and in 2013 gained the world’s first PhD in Contemporary Metal Music Production. He owns his own studio, Mynetaur Production, where he provides engineering, mixing and mastering services for clients from all over the world.

Bury College students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and gaining an insight into the industry. 19 year old Sam Ridley, a former Wardle High School pupil said, “I really enjoyed the session and I’ve learned a lot, such as how to record and mix drums better.”

Dr Mynett added, “I am very impressed with the Music Tech community here at Bury College. Today was a discussion about music production and the fundamental clarity with music so that you can understand the sounds of performances. We also talked about how we perceive sound in three dimensions, the challenges of recording drums, creation and use of drum samples, compression and equalisation. This has been a great session. The students were interested and had some good questions. Overall a really enjoyable session.”

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