A double A* A Level alumni student is achieving her career dream of qualifying as a general practitioner.

Gabriella Hayden has qualified as a Junior Doctor this year having achieved college and university qualifications that equips her with the skills and knowledge to succeed within the health care industry.

After leaving Bury College in 2012 with A*s in A Level Chemistry and Biology and an A in Mathematics, Gabriella began her five year Medicine Degree at The University of Manchester. During the five-year course, Gabriella divided her time between completing placements and studying.

The former Harper Green School pupil completed placements at various GP practices as well as at Christie NHS Cancer Trust and Wythenshawe Hospital where she worked on transplant surgeries. Gabriella also spent time at Stepping Hill Hospital working with paediatric patients.

The 24 year old sat her last exam in January 2018 and was excited to qualify as a Junior Doctor in May 2018. Gabriella will now spend two years at Macclesfield District General where she will complete her on the job training and a further year training at a GP surgery.

Gabriella, who lives in Withington in Manchester said, “I am so excited to start the next stage of my career as a Junior Doctor. I feel really happy that I have made the right career choice for me and I couldn’t have achieved this without the support of Bury College. My career goals were identified early and I was given the right help and guidance to succeed.”

Gabriella credits the training she received whilst at Bury College for helping her during university. Having learnt about human bio modules, such as kidneys and the heart and theory based elements of Chemistry, Gabriella felt well equipped to progress.

Gabriella added, “The tutors I had at Bury College were fantastic and I learnt a lot of medicine learning techniques which I still use now!”

Ambitious Gabriella sees her future working in a GP surgery where she can enjoy a patient centred career. She has secured a job working at Macclesfield District General and will start her new role in August.

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