Adult No Barriers Project Boosts Bury Well-Being

Individuals from across Bury are improving their confidence and self-esteem through a Big Lottery Funded programme delivered in local community venues.

The No Barriers programme, a Big Lottery Funded project, was developed in partnership with Bury College, Bury Adult Learning Centre, Radcliffe Works and Topping Fold Community Centre and has supported many individuals by improving their health and well-being. In the second year of the project we have been joined by ADAB as additional partners.

Individuals are given the opportunity to explore their potential with help of supportive staff who encourage them to gain qualifications, skills and experience. One to one sessions are held in community cafe venues across the borough, this includes advice and guidance sessions, one-to-one support and group activities, individuals can develop confidence and gain skills through Bury College training opportunities.

One No Barriers completer is Viv Goff, who was referred to the No Barriers project by the Jobcentre after injuring her shoulder meaning that she was unable to work. This was an opportunity for Viv to discuss her options and improve her IT skills. Upon completion of her course, Viv applied to volunteer at Rebuild and The Wildlife Trust.

Viv said, “I attended the No Barriers project at the Community Library which is a very friendly place. The team helped me by talking things through, listening to me about my skills and helping me get back on my feet.”

Valerie Halliwell secured employment at a Health and Social Care agency after successfully completing the No Barriers programme. Valerie joined the programme to help improve her confidence and to receive support with getting back into work. 

Valerie said, “During the months that I was completing the No Barriers project, even though I had some personal setbacks, I was gaining confidence and started to feel more myself. As I felt better I was asked to volunteer on the Festival of Learning Week to offer craft sessions which was a brilliant opportunity.”

Parveen Akhtar signed up to the No Barriers project having identified a need for training and help to improve her written English. Following IT training and on-to-one support sessions, Parveen undertook a volunteer role at a chemist.

Parveen said, “No Barriers definitely helped to boost my confidence and allowed me to complete some volunteer work in a local chemist.”

Rebecca Albrow, Bury College Adult Skills Co-ordinator, said, “Bury College are delighted to be working in partnership with Bury Adult Learning Centre, ADAB and other partners to improve the chances of long term unemployed adults. It has been a pleasure to help everyone to achieve their aims and we are all extremely proud of them.”

Lynne Woods, Bury College Adult Skills Co-ordinator, added, “We look forward to celebrating many more success stories with the people who engage with the project.  Our local community is benefitting from the funding available through Big Lottery project.”

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