Bury College Students Role-Play in Major Incident Exercise

Bury College Public Services students took part as role players for the Emergency Services in a Major incident exercise at the Greater Manchester Fire Service Training Centre.

The students played the part of casualties who had been contaminated by an unknown substance. Police and Paramedics initially responded to the incident scenario where a group of workers had come into contact with a hazardous material.

Fire and Rescue Service personnel began the process of decontamination before handing the casualties over to the North West Ambulance Service for medical checks.

Tony Greenhalgh, Bury College Public Services lecturer said, “The college has close links with the Emergency services and this exercise is part of the UK Joint Emergency Service strategy to prepare for major incidents. The part played by the students is vital to ensure an element of realism to a major incident scenario.”

This exercise is just one example of the practical exercises Bury College Public Services students are invited to take part in order to help learners progress into careers within the uniformed services.

In addition to the above exercise, Bury College students have also been invited to take part in a multi-agency Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) exercise at Greater Manchester Police which is part of the UK’s resilience for major incidents. During this exercise, students will be acting as role players as casualties who have been contaminated by an unknown chemical powder.

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