Alumni Author Backs Bury College World Book Day Reading Challenge

A nationally recognised top-selling author and Bury College alumni is championing a college-led reading initiative to celebrate World Book Day.

Hywel Roberts, famed for his hit humorous education memoir book ‘Oops! Helping children learn accidentally’, is a renowned figure within the education sector, recognised not only as an author but also as a teacher and trainer. The curriculum innovator works with many schools, colleges and universities across the country where he consults, coaches teachers, shares classroom strategy approaches and implements leadership development.

Proud to support a college where he achieved his qualifications in English Language, English Literature and Communication Studies, Hywel is backing the Bury College Reading Challenge. This reading initiative, organised by the college’s Learning Resource Centre, challenges students to read six pieces of literature, ranging from books, articles or newspaper reports.

This exciting initiative launched on World Book Day and encourages students to read for pleasure to broaden not only their academic skills but also to help with mindfulness and well-being.

Hywel is delighted to show his support for the Bury College Reading Challenge, “I believe that it is absolutely vital to access and enjoy good reading materials and to read for pleasure as there is no shortage of great books! I have always been a reader. As a local Bury boy living in Unsworth, I attended Bury Church of England High School and would take the bus everyday where I would read all my favourite horror novels. For me, Bury College was a great stepping-stone after school and helped with my progression onto further education.”

Upon completion of his Bury College studies, Hywel secured a place at Bretton Hall College to study a degree in English and Drama. From there Hywel enrolled onto a teaching training course which was a life changing moment for Hywel and led him to become a teacher. Bitten by the teaching bug he went to teach in some challenging schools and communities across Yorkshire.

Hywel said, “I taught full-time for 16 years and was involved in some really interesting initiatives around creativity and classrooms, pupil achievement and curriculum innovation. I had the itch to combine performing with writing and through the support from my family I decided to step out of the full time classroom and work as a freelance educator. This allowed me to train teaching through my actions, teachers could watch me work with and teach children. I have now been freelancing for eight years and have travelled across the UK as well as to Europe and beyond.”

Lorna Thompson, Resource Librarian at Bury College said of the support Hywel has shown the Bury College Reading Challenge, “We are delighted that Hywel is championing our reading challenge, it’s fantastic to have such an inspirational author who understands the importance of reading involved. Reading is a personal journey that allows us to develop our own imagination and explore our individuality. We would like to challenge all our students and staff to come to the Learning Resource Centre and join us in reading six resources, win prizes along the way, and discover something amazing.”

Hywel’s top-selling book ‘Oops! Helping children learn accidentally’, was the platform he needed to share his teaching methods about child centred learning. Hywel’s new book Uncharted Territories: Adventures in learning aims to inspire and innovate.


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