A digital touring bus, creative high school workshops and video interviews with award winning apprentices – Bury College inspired, motivated and celebrated all things apprenticeships for National Apprenticeship Week 2018!

Between 5th-9th March, apprentices, employers and staff came together to showcase exactly how apprenticeships work and explore the different pathways available to great careers.

The Bury College Apprenticeship bus toured schools across Bury offering eager pupils advice and guidance on how to search and apply for a vacancy, how to prepare yourself for an apprenticeship and the different options available.

The five day celebration also included bespoke apprenticeship presentations in local high schools and drop-in sessions for Bury College students to explore their progression opportunities.

Manchester Skills for Business Award winners were also showcased and celebrated and local employers were thanked for their ongoing support.

Daniele Palacios, Head of Business Development at Bury College said, “We were delighted to organise a week that would showcase the importance of apprenticeships and highlight this in schools across Bury. It has been a fantastic experience to see so many young people engaged and inspired by apprenticeship programmes and helping them to realise the options that are available to them.”

To conclude National Apprenticeship Week 2018, Bury College and Bury North MP James Frith visited a local, supportive and dedicated employer. Microbiological Solutions Ltd currently employs four Bury College Laboratory Apprentices. This practical apprenticeship programme allows apprentices to combine their love of science with industry experience and introduces them to the wide range of careers available.

The apprentices secured their positions through Bury College Employment Gateway, a recruitment service which is a partnership between Bury College and key agencies in Bury and is committed to helping employers find candidates and supporting individuals into employment.

James said, “Apprenticeships are an important route into employment for those wanting to work and learn whilst earning a wage. It is really important for local businesses to support apprenticeships and give local young people the opportunity to start a career and I encourage all employers in Bury to explore the possibilities."

For more information about Bury College apprenticeships please click here.