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Two former Bury College students met as classmates and left with career-ready qualifications – and the key to a happy marriage!

Mr and Mrs Boardman met on the Level 3 Public Services course in 2008. Upon completion of their course, both students progressed into the services and achieved their long-term career goals of working within Greater Manchester Police and the Royal Navy.

Having met as students at Bury College, Sarah and Zach’s friendship grew and in July 2018 they got married. The couple were delighted to be invited back to where it all began and return to their old classroom and deliver a workshop to current Public Services students.

Zach, is currently serving in the Royal Navy where he has undertaken the role of a Weapons Engineers in the Submarine Service and is responsible for maintaining the weapons system of submarines.

Zach said, “When I first started at Bury College I wanted to join the police but I then discovered opportunities with the Royal Navy. Today’s visit was to make students aware of their options after finishing college and showing them that the military isn’t as intimidating as some people think.”

Sarah, who works as a Police Community Support Officer for Greater Manchester Police, commented, “I loved my time at Bury College, my role is community based and I solve community based problems such as anti-social behaviour. The course gave me an insight to policing which gave me confidence, experience and knowledge to pursue my career.”

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