Students from the Moving On group in Bury College’s Foundation Studies department have had their hard work rewarded, and have achieved their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. They have been learning new skills all year, and before the half term they successfully completed an expedition to Burrs Park.

Daniel Cullen, a Foundation Studies lecturer, said, "The students have overcome a lot of barriers and have shown good commitment and resilience when completing their Duke of Edinburgh award. The students have worked well with each other to complete the tasks set and they have developed their confidence by taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh, which is great to see.”

The students hiked through the park, and put up a tent completely independently. They were observed by a Duke of Edinburgh assessor and evaluated on map reading, navigation, setting up camp, and preparing food. They planned their expedition throughout the academic year and organised this event themselves.

Ellis Dale, a Foundation Studies student, said that it was particularly fun as “we didn’t do a lot of trips this year because of COVID.” The Moving On group have been overcoming barriers relating to COVID restrictions all year, but have still managed to find time to put their skills into practice. Ellis repaired a fence as part of his Duke of Edinburgh, and the whole group helped out with the gardening at the back of Fisherfield Nursery. They also volunteered for the East Lancashire Railway, packing bags for the Santa Express.

The activities the students have completed also gave them skills that came in useful on their expeditions. Muhammad-Junaid Asif, another student, described how they practiced map reading over the academic year. Junaid said, “In September, we did map reading at the Millgate in Bury, learning how to follow them and know where to go.” They were able to then use these skills in Burrs Park.

Callum Warburton said of the expedition, “we were non-stop talking about it for weeks before, and it was amazing to be able to work as a group. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of the staff so we are very thankful to them.”

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