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What is an A Level Study Programme?

Bury College A-level Study Programmes have been designed to support your specific career goals and are tailored towards preparing you for progression after college. Your study programme is more than just your qualifications, your Study Programme will include development of critical skills to support your progression, including your English, mathematics and Employability Skill. You will also have opportunities for Work Experience, Volunteering and the chance to get involved in a wide range of enrichment activities.

You will be guided as to the most appropriate study programme through the interview and enrolment process.

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How many A-level qualifications can I study at Bury College and what are the entry requirements?

Your study programme will be made up of three A-levels. You will require the following entry requirements:

6 grades minimum to include:

- 2 x GCSE grade 5

- 2 x GCSE grade 4
- 4/5 English and mathematics
- A combined total of 9 points

You will be guided as to the most appropriate study programme through the interview and enrolment process.

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How much choice do I have when picking my A Levels?

We currently offer 39 A-level qualifications in a wide range of subject areas. These include applied general qualifications which are the equivalent of an A-level.

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How many hours of private study will I be expected to do as an A-level student?

In order to further develop your knowledge and employability skills every A-level student is taught how to study independently (a skill which is now recognised as a university requirement). In order to achieve maximum results we recommend using these newfound skills to spend 18 hours a week on private study.

Tutorials and your Tutor Group

Bury College is renowned for supporting students. As an A Level student you will benefit from a range of academic support. You will meet with your Personal Tutor and tutor groups once a week. You will also have the opportunity to meet with your Personal Tutor individually six-times during the academic year.

Enrichment opportunities for A Level students

At Bury College we offer an extensive enrichment programme. During your A-level Study Programme you will have the opportunity to take part in activities that contribute to your development and in many cases will support your academic subjects.

Work experience opportunities for A-level students

As an A Level student you will also benefit from career enhancing work experience. All students on an A-level study programme will participate in one week of work experience during the academic year. This will allow you to develop transferable work-related skills and gain an insight into the career of your choice.

English & maths on my A Level Study Programme

All of our A-level programmes are designed to develop your English and communication skills as well as your technical and numerical abilities. All of these skills are transferable to any higher education programme and employment fields.

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