Bury College out in the Local Community (Learning in Local Communities)

Adult Learners in the Community

We recognise that an adult learner’s journey may start some distance from the classroom, and that a step-by-step approach to re-engagement is required. 

We are proud to be working with community groups throughout the borough, operating a consultative approach to the development of Learning in Local Communities programmes. 

This includes the use of taster sessions in the community, an approach that allows Bury College to work with learners on the design of the provision to meet their needs.  This approach ensures that individuals are involved in deciding what they want and need to learn, how they learn, and when and where learning takes place.

A series of activity workshops are planned creating opportunities for adult learners to develop new skills and knowledge, increase social integration and contribute to improved wellbeing.

Workshops currently available:

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Adult students in an art gallery drawing

Erin Northey, CEO EducAid:

“Thank you to Bury College and Community Learning team for the wonderful efforts for EducAid. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all, we wanted to reach out to say how much your support means to us all at EducAid”

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