Work experience offers young people the chance to develop their confidence,

communication skills and can help inform their future career choices. As a professional business, there are also many benefits to supporting a young person in the workplace.

Here at Bury college we provide our students with a range of work experience opportunities, ranging from our standard 1 week placements to enhance their soft skills and give them an insight into the working world to ongoing industry placements that last approximately 1 day per week for the duration of the academic year, which are specific to their course of study.


Benefits to your business could include:

  • Improving the supervisory and coaching skills of your staff
  • Increasing your public profile through supporting individuals in the local community
  • Helping equip tomorrow’s employees for their working life
  • Injecting enthusiasm and fresh ideas into your business
  • Finding new members of staff
  • Opportunities to address short projects or tasks
  • Demonstrate that you are helping address skills shortages in the workplace, which can be beneficial for tendering or acquiring new business
  • Building evidence that you are supporting Government policies and initiatives
  • Providing young people with the opportunity to strengthen their CVs, gain transferable skills and improve their confidence and professional behaviour
  • Use it as a recruitment opportunity to progress students onto an apprenticeship within your company


I’d like our organisation to be involved

If you are able to offer a valuable work experience opportunity to Bury College students, these simple steps demonstrate how to set-up a placement and your responsibilities:

  1. Set-up a meeting with our Work Experience Placement Co-ordinator to answer any questions you may have and discuss your offer
  1. Our Placement Co-ordinator will conduct a risk assessment and help you create a plan of activity for the student
  1. We will provide support throughout the placement, acting as a point of contact and checking both you and the student are happy
  1. Review the placement and assess the success


If you are able to help our students improve and develop their skills for the workplace please contact one of our Bury College Work Experience Placement Co-ordinators on 0161 280 8430 or email

Communic8te Bury Volunteers

Communic8te Bury

Communic8te Bury Volunteer and Fundraising Officer Mark O’Brian is delighted to have work experience students on board at the charity.

Mark commented, “I am really pleased with the Bury College students, they are extremely pro-active and competent. They used their initiative from the day they arrived and have suggested some great ideas for our website.”

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