Bury College Web Accessibility Statement

Bury College is committed to providing web pages that are available and accessible to all. To fulfill this promise, we aim to comply as closely as possible with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1) published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

The College is aware that visitors with visual or hearing impairment use assistive technologies to allow them to view websites in easier-to-read colours, using larger fonts or as spoken text, or to navigate around a site using the keyboard only. Accordingly, we aim to ensure that our site supports these tools.

The following items assist with accessibility:

  • Consistent Bury College Header and Footer navigation
  • Website navigation is coded as lists to ensure that menu navigation can be read by screen readers. Some web pages include a ‘Back to Top’ link(s) and pressing ‘enter’ on these links will take the user back to the main content.
  • Heading elements (H1, H2, H3) etc. are used extensively throughout the website.
  • All images are coded to use Assistive Learning Technologies (ALT) attributes.
  • Content and presentation are treated separately, with presentation being controlled by stylesheets.  The default font is set to a sans-serif for main webpage content and fonts can be resized in each browser.



Users can adjust the website user-interface to meet their personal needs and preferences by changing basic appearance settings in their internet browser. For example, for Google Chrome you can:

Change text size / font size by going to:  Settings > Appearance > Font Size

Change font style or colour by going to:  Settings > Appearance > Customise Fonts


Equipment/Software Support for Disabled Learners

For enrolled students who register with our Additional Learner Support team, we can advise on how to access a range of equipment to assist them with their studies. To find out more call 0161 280 8280


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We continue to make further improvements and enhancements to our website accessibility features and value your feedback. Please let us know of any problems you may have encountered, or of any features that you have found particularly useful by emailing

Updated on 20th September 2019


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