As part of a local primary school’s Science Week, two Bury College tutors were invited to inspire some young scientific minds. 

Science tutors Martin Aintree and Conor Holden delivered 45-minute lessons to a range of children from Reception to Year Two at St Peter's Church of England Primary School.

Martin, Head of Vocational Sciences at Bury College, said: “The sessions were all about growth. We took a skeleton, a torso and some activities for the children to complete. They learnt about the different organs of the body and then identified the words and pictures, placing them onto a paper torso in the correct place. They also learnt about animals and the different types of foods they eat, whether they were carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.”

It has also got Martin thinking about the long-term impact of this visit: “I would hope that there are a plethora of young minds remembering the two scientists from Bury College. It would be great if they ended up furthering their scientific education here once they finish school.”

Shamim Ali, Head of Science at St Peter’s, added: “The children at St Peter’s had an amazing morning with Martin and Connor from Bury College who were brilliant. The activities were engaging, and the children learnt so much about the human body as well as carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. They all had a fantastic time. Thank you so much for the support you gave to us on our Science Week.”