A group of Bury College students have been busy raising money for Bury Hospice as part of their Level 3 Business Course.

Their course includes a unit called Business Events, and it was as part of this that the students decided to raise money for something close to the hearts of many.   

The students were split into four groups, across two classes and each of them had to decide on an event they wanted to run. They organised two car washes, one murder mystery-themed escape room and sold lanyard reels. 

Moussa Thiam, 16, was part of the group that organised the murder mystery escape room, he said: “When we organised the escape room, we learned a lot about communicating with each other, and with the customers when there was an issue. It was also nice to help with raising money for a charity.”

Kacper Mlekodaj, 17, helped organise the car wash. He added: “The project has helped me learn how to budget correctly. This is an important part of running a business. I like that the money is going to an amazing charity as well.”

Bury Hospice aims to help people fulfil their wishes during life-limiting illnesses, and they work hard to provide quality care whenever and wherever it is needed. 


Rachel Krafft, Community Coordinator at Bury Hospice, added: “It’s always great when local organisations like Bury College get involved with fundraising, especially when it’s the students doing it with such innovative ideas. 

 “The money they have raised will have an amazing impact on the lives of local people in Bury.”