The incredible hard work of Bury College students has paid off as hundreds of young people begin promising careers in the public services.

The Greater Manchester community has benefitted from new recruits entering into the Greater Manchester Police or Fire Service and students who have dedicated their talent to our military forces are beginning to realise their ambitions of moving up the ranks.

Many of these impressive students began their careers immediately after completing vocational diplomas in Public Services. Paige Taylor, 18, and Jack McCormick, also 18, both credit their BTEC Extended Certificate in Public Services awarded at Bury College, where they learned from both ex- and current industry professionals.

Paige, a former Smithills High School student, is now pursuing a career in Royal Navy Electrical Warfare, which includes working on communications, monitoring radars and creating decoys. She has recently completed her gruelling 10-week Basic Training, and is currently on 24-hour call, waiting to be called up to her first ship. Paige joined the Navy immediately after completing her studies at Bury College in 2020.

Paige said, “If you are thinking of going into a career like me, prepare yourself, do lots of research and training, and ask lots of questions.” Paige also adds that her studies at Bury College were a huge help in preparing her for a career in the Navy. Paige added, “My tutor Simon was ex-Army and he gave me lots of insightful help and advice.” Tutors maintain regular contact with the Careers Office in Manchester, who recruit for all three services, Navy, Army, and RAF. Paige also enjoyed a visit from the Navy while in College, who provided her with plenty of useful information.

Jack McCormick applied to join the Royal Navy while still studying in his final year at Bury College in 2020. The former Bury Church of England pupil says he has always been interested in a career in the forces and his insightful course in Public Services only solidified that ambition. Like Paige, he has recently completed his basic training at HMS Raleigh after progressing from his Public Services course. Jack’s long-term ambition is to continue his career in the Navy and move his way up through the ranks. He is currently working towards becoming a Royal Navy Warfare Specialist.

Jack said, “Even though I knew I wanted to join the Navy from a young age, the course at Bury College allowed me to learn about a variety of different careers in the public services. I particularly enjoyed learning about the law and found the unit really interesting.”

The Bury College Public Services course develops an understanding of the practical and work-related skills needed to prepare for careers in a range of uniformed services, which include the Emergency Services, Armed Forces, Police Force, Fire Services and Armed Services.