Young people across Bury are benefitting from career-enhancing six-month work placements with local businesses, funded by the new £2 billion Government scheme, Kickstart. Bury College, as a registered Kickstart gateway provider, has supported many young people and businesses into these placements.

Four young people are employed with Katsouris Deli in Bury, and a further two in the Deansgate branch, in a wide range of roles, including baristas, deli assistants and prep chefs. Sofia Constantinou, a manager at the Deli, said, “The Kickstart Scheme has enabled us to create new roles and give the Kickstarts, who are just starting their careers, an opportunity to develop and gain new skills. We hope that many of them will decide to stay at Katsouris after the six-month period, but for those who don't, I hope that we will have given them a stepping stone for their next role. Having these Kickstarts has also freed up some hours for my current staff, so we have had the time to develop new produce. In addition to all this, I feel that Katsouris has developed a really good relationship with Bury College and the Job Centre. I think the Kickstart Scheme is a brilliant opportunity for both young people and local businesses.”

Rowan Charlson, 20, is one of the young people to benefit from a placement at Katsouris. The former Bolton St Catherine’s Academy student hopes to continue working in the hospitality industry once his placement is complete. He serves customers and helps maintain the restaurant, along with two other Kickstarts, Lucy Mandt and Teegan Roberts.

Lucy, 19, has limited experience in hospitality, so the Kickstart placement has allowed her to develop her customer service and communication skills. The former St Monica’s RC High School student intends to begin a Computer Science course at the University of Liverpool after she has completed her placement.

Teegan, 22, a former Phillips High School student, feels the placement is helping her develop the skills she has already gained from her hospitality experience. She said, “the people here are really nice, and the managers are so helpful.”

Aaron Knight, 22, is employed as a prep chef at Katsouris through the Kickstart Scheme, and is learning from the Head Chef. Aaron has recently completed his studies at Bury College. He says his favourite dishes to make are baklava and tzatziki. He added, “I do loads of cooking at home, but this is my first catering job, and there are so many things on the menu so I am learning fast and gaining loads of experience. Eventually, I want to work in a Michelin star restaurant, and this is a great start for my career. James Martin started his career buttering bread in hotels – you have to start somewhere, work hard, and climb your way up.”