Bury College Carpentry and Joinery students proudly handcrafted a Sleigh to help support a community Christmas initiative.

Members of Radcliffe Rotary Club were delighted to receive the float from the Bury College Construction department after providing the students with technical drawings and materials. Over a two month period, the Construction enthusiasts worked hard to bring the drawings to life and create a Sleigh that will be used to tour the streets of Radcliffe and spread festive cheer.

The annual tradition was made possible after the Rotary Club of Radcliffe received grant money from the local authority pitch grant.

Former Turton School pupil Alex Fraser-Jones, who was one of the students to construct the float, said, “It was really good to work on something which we knew was going to be used by the community. We were all really proud to see the final product.”

Once Radcliffe Rotary Club had received the Sleigh, dedicated Rotarians transformed it into a working slay vehicle complete with LED lights and a sound system. The Sleigh will now be used to tour Father Christmas around the streets of Radcliffe visiting hundreds of homes over 15 nights in December.

Rotary Club of Radcliffe Assistant Secretary Michael Edwards said, “It has been delightful to work with Bury College and we are so pleased with the end result. The Sleigh will also be used for other initiatives throughout the year including Radcliffe Carnival.”

Speaker Secretary Peter Cooke added, “The Carpentry and Joinery department have been very professional, helpful and accommodating and we were pleased to work alongside them.”