Aspiring doctors, vets and dentists took part in a hands-on workshop and gained skills needed to pursue a career in medicine.

Bury College A-level Science enthusiasts were given the opportunity to further develop their medical skills and knowledge when students from The University of Manchester visited the college to deliver a workshop. The session was run by Fastbleep, an organisation which gives people the skills to apply to medical school as well as an introduction to what it would be like to be a doctor.

The workshop covered areas such as the different qualities needed to pursue a career in medicine as well as other career opportunities. Students also enjoyed hands-on exercises including taking blood pressures, measuring reaction times and learning life-saving recovery positions.

Former Siddal Moor pupil Jake Spanswick, who is studying A-level Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, said of the experience, “Today has been really interesting and we have received a lot of detailed information. It has helped me to gain an understanding of what I need to do to progress onto university. The best part of the session was having the opportunity to meet medical students and learn from their experiences.”

Karishma, a second year medical student at The University of Manchester and President of Fast Bleep added, “The aim of these workshops is to show people that medicine isn’t just for privately educated children and to show that all of these students have what it takes to get into medicine and that it isn’t all about academics. The students today have been really enthusiastic and they now hopefully know more about the process of getting into the medical field.”