The customer service role is a constantly evolving one with an apprenticeship in this area becoming an important springboard into an exciting career into a number of high-demand industries.

Working in customer services can see you cover areas such as social media marketing, a hugely important area of work as many organisations have moved towards a multi-channel approach to their communication with customers.

Suzanne Stewart, a Learning and Skills Coach at Bury College, spoke about the benefits of starting a Customer Service Apprenticeship. She said: "A Customer Service Apprenticeship is a great way to start your career in a varied and constantly evolving role. Our former apprentices have proven that it can be a springboard into a wonderful new career."

We also caught up with a few of our current and former apprentices who benefitted from taking on an apprenticeship and are now thriving in their different roles.

Megan Donaghy started work at Wastesure, a nationwide waste management company, last year and hasn’t looked back. Megan believes the apprenticeship gave her clarification as she looked to progress in the role: “I have enjoyed all elements of it, and I have gained lots of new skills. It has made me realise that this is the career path that I want to take.”

Megan working

A key part of an apprenticeship at Bury College is the support you get from the College. Megan was also grateful for her Learning and Skills Coach. Megan said: “My Learning and Skills Coach has helped me a lot and is always there to answer any questions that I might have.”

Megan has big ambitions for the future. She wants to eventually become a manager and utilise all the experiences from throughout her apprenticeship and training.

Hayley McCarrick completed her apprenticeship between 2020 and 2022 at Ecoscape and achieved a Distinction Star. She said: “My apprenticeship has helped me to build my confidence in dealing with different situations that I wouldn’t have felt comfortable with before starting the apprenticeship. I have developed a range of skills including problem-solving and communicating with members of the public and colleagues. “

Since completing her apprenticeship, Hayley has been promoted to merchant management assistant and is now responsible for helping their sales representatives look after their merchant accounts. Hayley added: "I would not have been able to achieve this success in my career without the help of Bury College and completing my apprenticeship.”

Owen Tansey completed his Customer Service apprenticeship at The Green Utilities between 2020 and 2023 and is now an account manager. Owen added: “The time spent on my apprenticeship was brilliant. I was surprised by how varied the role was once I got started. Since finishing, I have become an Account Manager. I wouldn’t have gotten to this stage without the skills I gained previously.

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