Students from our Moving On course have recently completed an expedition for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. The Moving On course is designed for those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, encouraging students to explore their own individual aspirations and plan their own transition towards a meaningful life.

The students completed a 15-mile hike through the Pennines and set up a campsite with tents that they slept in overnight.

The students prepared their own food for their trip and cooked meals at the campsite using the camping equipment, demonstrating excellent organisation, teamwork, problem-solving, and safety awareness.

They used maps and compasses when hiking to find their destinations and utilised some of the skills they have picked up on the course.

The students planned their expedition and developed their fitness throughout the academic year by completing weekly sporting activities so that they can endure the long hike.

We spoke with some of the students involved, and it was clear that they all had a great time.

Liam really enjoyed the adventure. He said: “I learnt lots of new skills like how to put up a tent. I was tired by the end of the trip, but I still enjoyed it.”

Kodie loved the team-building element: “Working in a team with my friends was great.”

Sidra enjoyed the camping element: “I had never been camping before, so that was a great new experience.”

Rimsha added: “I have lots of great memories from this. We walked 15 miles and saw lots of interesting animals.”

Robert, Joe, Charmaine, James, Josh and Michael also took part in the expedition, and like Kodie, Liam, Sidra and Rimsha, they all loved the experience.

Daniel Cullen, a Foundation Studies tutor, added: “This is the first time the students have completed a DofE expedition within Foundation Studies and I am very proud of how well they have done."