Bury College Health and Social Care students recently enjoyed a talk and Q&A from actress Maxine Peake, who recently starred in Anne, an ITV drama based on the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster. 

Peake spoke to the students about her acting career, particularly her role in BBC drama Three Girls, in which she played ‘Maggie’, based on Sara Rowbotham, a real-life sexual health worker who raised the alarm about the case.  

Peake explained how she got into character and the preparation she did for the role, including meeting Sara and researching the case. She also answered questions from the students, both about Sara’s role as a sexual health worker, and Peake’s own career as an actress.

The students asked about the shows impact on real life, and Peake responded that it was “another opportunity for the girls to be heard, to tell their story.” Peake also described how being an actress helped her understand social work – both careers require an understanding of why people act the way they do.

Peake said of the event, “It was a brilliant experience, it was fantastic to see so many bright young people asking questions and getting involved.”