Bury College Interactive Media students showcased their wealth of creative skills during a career-enhancing live brief.

Brand new comic store ‘Wow Comix’ arrived to Bury high street in December 2018 and invited Bury College students to create a banner to display in the shop window. The store, which boasts a range of new British and American comic books, as well as back issues of Marvel and DC comics and memorabilia and merchandise from sci-fi and fantasy favourites, wanted a piece of exciting artwork which would represent their brand.

Talented students worked hard to create a piece of artwork which showcased popular characters from Marvel, DC, 2000AD and British Anime. The artwork was created using both hand drawn sketches and the Illustrate computer software.

Interactive Media student Luke Eastham was one of the students selected to have his artwork displayed. The former Philips High School pupil said, “It is really good to see my artwork displayed to the public and I feel very proud.”

The owners of Wow Comix were delighted with the artwork and high level of entries they received. Wayne Thompson, who co-owns the business with John Webster, commented, “The artwork the students created is really good and I am so impressed. It is eye-catching and has been done to a very high standard. I am proud to display it in my shop window.”