Q. I can’t access the Remote Desktop Portal, it just downloads a file and keeps prompting for credentials – how can I login?

A. You need to make sure you’re using ‘Internet Explorer’ to access the Remote Desktop Portal on a Windows computer and not any other web browser, eg. Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Please see the instructions under the ‘Helpful Documents’ section for further help.


Q. I’m using an Apple Mac Computer - can I connect to the Remote Desktop Portal?

A. Yes, but you have to download an app from the Apple app store in order to connect and the instructions for this are below in the ‘Helpful Documents’ section.


Q. I’m trying to login to Canvas VLE but it’s not accepting my username and password – what’s wrong?

You need to make sure you’re entering your college email address instead of just your username, eg. studentid@student.burycollege.ac.uk or staffusername@burycollege.ac.uk.


Q. I’ve forgotten my password - how can I reset it?

A. Students can call 0161 280 8235/8480 and we will verify your identity before resetting it. Staff will need to contact HR to have their password reset.


Q. I haven’t got Microsoft Office on my own computer - can I install it?

A. As a student, you’re entitled to install Office 365 applications on your own computer. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the ‘Helpful Documents’ section.


Q. Can I access the internet whilst using the Remote Desktop Portal?

A. No, there is no internet access available whilst using the Remote Desktop Portal and you will need to minimise the Remote Desktop Portal window and use a web browser on your own computer. The only websites you can access whilst using the Remote Desktop Portal are Canvas and Office 365.


Q. I’m trying to use Adobe Acrobat DC in the Remote Desktop Portal but it’s asking me to sign in – how can I login?

A. You need to sign in by just entering your college email address, eg. studentid@student.burycollege.ac.uk or staffusername@burycollege.ac.uk, there is no need to enter your password.


Q. I can login to Canvas but I’m unable to see the resources I need for my course – can you help?

A. For help with access to Canvas resources, please contact IT Services by logging a call on the job reporting system or by calling (0161) 280 8280.