After detailed discussion with industry experts, Bury College has further shaped its curriculum by allowing employers to offer suggestions on how we teach the employees of the future.

Bury College is committed to driving skills development in our town and the wider region, improving business performance and employee growth and contribution.

Here are just some examples of how the You Said We Did campaign has further improved our student experience and the impact it’s had on a variety of industries across Bury.


You said – “We need to upskill our staff in recognising issues of damp and condensation.”

We did – “We have developed a two-day retrofit course for tradespeople and construction workers to help identify defects in buildings and resolve them safely and successfully.”

Impact – Bury College will be helping local employers train their employees in critical issues that arise across their industry.


You said – “Our students need to be able to upsell when talking to customers in the industry.”

We did – “Students now learn how to upsell throughout their course. This includes selling holiday features, duty-free and extra legroom.”

Impact – Students have additional skills that are valued by employers in the travel and tourism industry.

Performing Arts

You said – “Students need to be better prepared for auditions in the industry.”

We did – “All students have to go through an audition for progression onto the next level, to University, Stage School or into industry.”

Impact – Students have increased confidence when going for auditions and their future career progression.


You said – “We need to develop the differentiated skills required of coaches, instructors (inc. personal trainers), teaching personnel, and therapy professionals.”

We did – “We have created clearer curriculum pathways in massage, fitness and coaching for students to develop skills that are more relevant to specific sectors.”

Impact – Students are well prepared to secure employment in a competitive marketplace.

Nigel Shields, Head of Employer Engagement and Skills at Bury College, added: “It’s been great to hear from employers over the last 12 months and to get their feedback on their needs.  This has enabled us, as a College, to make subtle changes to how we do things in line with specific sectors.”

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